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To manage risk when driving: multi tasking; driving distraction

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Question To manage risk when driving:
  Recognize signal backplates
  Avoid overhead signs
  Avoid advanced channelization
  It is essential that you remain alert to conditions or objects that can increase levels of risk.

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It is essential that you remain alert to conditions or objects that can increase levels of risk.

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• When driving on the expressway, you should adjust your speed to allow at least a ___________ second following distance to stop or evasively steer in an emergency.
• _________, the roadway, and your vehicle are all categories associated with risk that you should assess before you get behind the wheel.
• According to the NHTSA, the combination of __________ and __________ reduce the risk of serious crash-related head injury by 83 percent.
• __________ present drivers with unique and often high-risk challenges when driving in or near the city.
• Which of the following is NOT a reason why high speeds increase the risk of collision?
• When driving on an expressway, select a lane that allows others to __________.
• If you drive an SUV or RV, you need to be worried about vertical clearance when driving __________.
• Stopping a vehicle with good brakes from 20 miles per hour under good conditions requires about:
• A vehicle should never be parked closer to a fire hydrant or plug than: how many feet?
• Statistically, it is proven that the most dangerous, ___________ risk years of your driving career are the first years.
• Roads that function as expressways and divided highways have high speeds and greater risk of __________ crashes.
• Traveling faster than the speed limit increases both the risk and the __________ of a crash.
• Evaluate weather conditions, the condition of your vehicle and other risk factors, including __________, every time you drive.
• Because the actions of other road users are __________, you can lower your risk if you adequately communicate to those around you. Always signal your intention to change lanes or turn.
• To help manage risk, it is essential that you __________ that can increase levels of risk.
• Serious signs that you are drowsy and should not be driving are:
• Any serious traffic injuries should be reported immediately by contacting _____________.
• Nearly 1.5 million people are injured and over 30,000 people are killed in traffic collisions __________.
• Young children can sustain serious injuries from ______, which deploy even in a low speed crash.
• The most important thing in backing a motor vehicle is:
• If blinded by an approaching motor vehicle at night, it is best to:
• As a driver, you can lower the level of risk by __________.
• If you get drowsy while driving it is best to in texas
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• Multi-tasking while driving means:
• The best advice for cell phone use is:
• While driving, resist distractions such as:
• The definition of a driving distraction is:
• If you have a blowout while driving, you should:
• If you run over and kill someone while driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, the worst offense with which you may be charged is:
• If you have an accident in which someone is injured, you should:
• According to the NHTSA, the combination of __________ and __________ reduce the risk of serious crash-related head injury by 83 percent.
• Serious injuries occur because a driver's speed:
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• Search for wet surfaces, ice, loose gravel, debris, and uneven pavement because any reduction in traction will increase your ___________ while driving.
• Being angry while driving will not affect your driving ability.
• The percentage of distracted drivers operating their vehicles on roadways at any given time may be as high as:
• Final test managing risk when driving
• The most a person (age 21 or older) will be fined for a first conviction of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, with no dead or injury involved is:
• If at all possible, maneuver to avoid a ___________ collision which involves extreme force upon impact and is statistically more likely to result in injury or death.
• A first DWI offense for a person 21 or older, and there are no injuries, is punishable with a fine up to:
• To reduce injury in the event your air bag deploys, position your body at least _______ from the steering wheel.
• If you are involved in an injury accident in a city, you must immediately notify:
• Fatigue has many of the same dangerous effects as:
• The most commonly practiced and dangerous driving behavior is
• Text messaging or surfing the internet on your wireless device while driving:
• If you have passengers that are infants or children, make sure:
• Personal grooming is best done
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