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How to Pass the DPS Road Test for Texas Drivers License?

If you are a good driver, you do all this automatically.

The first and foremost thing is SAFETY.
Try to be safe and you will PASS the test easily. Do all that you need to do to drive safely on the road.

In general, they look for
(i) How you turn (left turn, right turn, sometime U-turn)
(ii) Parallel Parking (See the DPS Road Test Videos )
(iii) Lane change
(iv) Whether you use the Indicators correctly or not
(v) Are you following all the signs on the road (stop, speed limit etc).
(vi) Whether you use both hands on the steering or not.

Once they get a feeling that you are driving safely and you have control over your own driving, they are comfortable to give you the license. Note that they do objective evaluation (meaning, for every your speed and road signs like, stop sign, turn signals, speed bumps etc.,) There is marks allocated for each thing and less number of mistakes get you the license.

Does the Texas driving test include driving on highways like 183/ Mopac or just regular 55 mph roads?
They would not take you on freeways. Local roads only.

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