Final exam study guide with multiple choice questions on Texas road signs and road rules. Safe driving behaviour - creating safe drivers on Road. How to drive defensively, traffic signals, rules and regulations, types of parking, traffic infraction points and fines. Vehicle speed limits, car repair, car insurance coverages, car maintenance, performance.

★ When entering a street from an unpaved road, you should:

When entering a street from an unpaved road, you should:
A. Merge to vehicles coming from the right.
B. Yield to vehicles that are within 1000 feet.
C. Yield to the vehicle on the paved road in all instances.
D. Push the accelerator to gain enough speed to reach the speed limit.

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Yield to the vehicle on the paved road in all instances.

If you run off the pavement, you should:
A. Steer straight ahead and speed up
B. Turn the steering wheel quickly toward the road
C. Apply the brakes hard
D. Steer straight and slow down before attempting to return to the pavement

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Steer straight and slow down before attempting to return to the pavement

_________ on the pavement indicate no passing is allowed on either side of the roadway.
A. Double yellow line
B. A broken yellow line
C. A white line
D. None

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A broken yellow line

Hint: 1. Yellow is used on undivided roads with 2 way traffic.
2. A single broken yellow line- passing is allowed in both directions.
3. A double yellow line- no passing allowed in either direction. Passing is not allowed against double yellow solid lines (It is illegal):
4. A solid line with a broken line- passing is allowed in the lane that has the broken line.
5. Lanes that are boxed off with a solid line nearest the lane of travel with a broken line on either side of the lane is a center left turn only lane. Traffic from either direction can enter that lane (must watch you do not run into someone head on) to be able to make a left turn.

___________ on the pavement indicate that the adjacent lane is traveling in the same direction and passing is permitted.
A. A solid white line
B. A broken yellow line
C. A broken white line
D. None of the above

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A broken white line

You approach a sign that says "pavement ends", you are about to reach loose gravel you should:
A. Ignore the sign
B. Speed Up
C. Maintain the same speed
D. Slow down before reaching the gravel

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Slow down before reaching the gravel

HINT: The surface of the road is covered with loose gravel. Go slow enough to keep complete control of your vehicle. Do not apply brakes suddenly or make sharp turns.

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The speed limit for passenger cars in urban districts is:
Personal grooming is best done:
To manage risk when driving:
If you are teaching a beginner to drive, you must:
When turning you should give the proper signal:
Your driver license may be suspended for:
Vehicle skids are most likely to be caused by: in Texas
When following another vehicle, how much driving time should you maintain between yourself and the vehicle you are following?
When approaching an intersection, bridge, or railroad crossing, you should never drive (pass) on the left half of the roadway when within:
If your drivers license is suspended, you may drive only:
The maximum fine for a first non-driving alcohol-related offense of possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor is:
When parking near a corner, you may park your vehicle no closer than:
When you are caught behind a very slow truck going up a long hill, you should:
The most important thing in backing a motor vehicle is:
Stopping a vehicle with good brakes from 20 miles per hour under good conditions requires about:
When possible, pedestrians should walk: Texas
Steven Leslie was convicted of _____ after causing a fatal collision.
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